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With reference to the provisions of EU regulation 679/16, containing provisions to safeguard the confidentiality of personal data processing, we wish to inform you that the personal data you provide, that is, registrations and/or acquired within the scope of our activity , can be processed with or without the aid of electronic means, in compliance with the aforementioned legislation, for the institutional purposes of our business, and in particular for:

  1. execute a service or one or more contractually agreed operations
  2. the performance of obligations under laws or regulations
  3. the protection of the rights of the holder ofinfo@notonlywatches.eu in court
  4. the conferment of your data toinfo@notonlywatches.eu is strictly functional to the execution of the contractual relationship or, when specified, to the activities consented by the user;
  5. the holder of the data processing, according to EU regulation 679/16.is
  6. the data will be stored at our headquarters, with the following address: "Not Only Watches sas Corso Umberto I, 33 80046 San Giorgio a Cremano NA Italy Phone + 39 0816076399 Fax + 39 0816076399", for the time prescribed by law;
  7. the processing of the data provided, or otherwise acquired within the scope of our activity, may also be carried out by parties to whom the right to access your personal data is recognized by law or secondary and/or community regulations.
  8. at any time you can request the modification or cancellation of the aforementioned data.