Garmin is a leading producer of watches dedicated to different sports, including the Garmin Forerunner Watches dedicated specifically to the race. The latest models of relief products from Garmin are the Forerunner 235 wrist heart rate sensing, Forerunner Forerunner 620 630 with even more advanced function. Other models like the Garmin 920XT dedicated to Triathlon, Garmin New Quatix 3 with specific features for sailing, regattas ... Other tracking activity capable tools and hike we have the Garmin Epix, Fenix 3 and the new clock Tactix Bravo. As the latest models of Garmin's House there is the Fenix 3, available in different variants: Fenix 3 Sapphire with Sapphire Crystal and stainless steel, the new versions of Fenix 3 Rose Gold leather strap. Now Garmin Fenix 3 HR evolves as a new technology with wrist heartbeat detection sensor. Further evolution of Garmin D2 Pilot Bravo. Useful tools always monitoring the exercise with less demanding features are the Garmin color display and touchscreen, Vivoactive Smartwatch still with Vivosmart and renewed Vivofit 2. Future releases of the new Garmin will house Vívoactive HR, new Vivofit 3, and again absolutely new Garmin creates the first watch dedicated to jewellery The Garmin Vivomove, a true wrist watch, curate in aesthetics, and with the functionality of a vivosmart for monitoring of physical activity.
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