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Cluse watches

Nowadays wristwatches have become real clothing accessories, to be combined with fashionable clothing, Cluse with its ladies watches is able to create a fashion and contemporary product that can be worn as a cloth. Cluse Watches are characterized by comfort and beauty, with a unique style of their kind suitable for elegant and minimalist women. In the Cluse Catalog , you can choose from a wide range of models with leather or steel straps, watches with a mesh knit bracelet available in rose gold, yellow gold or silver, with a round or square case shape. Furthermore Cluse watches are available in three different sizes, in fact it is possible to choose the dimensions of the case, which vary in diameter from 24 mm, 33 mm and 38 mm, allowing each woman to find the ideal watch for her wrist. Cluse also makes it possible to change the strap or bracelet of your watch with great ease, making your wristwatch more and more versatile. One of the well-kept details in the Cluse catalog is the packaging of these watches, absolutely innovative, an elegant leather or silver colored eco-leather case, thus making the packaging an additional accessory that every woman can wear in her daily life. Cluse watches have style   and simplicity, the elegance of these accessories make them more and more appreciated by women, but also by men. Cluse offers the public several collections of watches , among the most appreciated has its own La Boheme , available with models in different colors and combinations, with round case and straps in leather or steel, in silver or black, in addition to colors   main rosé or gold. The Minuit collection it is characterized by watches with a medium-sized dial, with a case diameter of 33 mm. The models in this collection are characterized by a wide variety of colors, straps or bracelets. Cluse Triomphe watches , one of the latest Cluse collection, featuring watches with two-tone knitted bracelets.