Casio PRO TREK Watch Smart Watch GPS Touchscreen WSD-F20A

Casio PRO TREK Watch Smart Watch GPS Touchscreen WSD-F20A

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Product Description
Casio PRO TREK WSD-F20A-BUAAE is a Smart watch with GPS and color touch screen. Altimeter, barometer, compass, integrated Wi-fi microphone and Bluetooth: Wear OS by Google ™. To connect the CASIO watch to your smartphone, simply install the Wear OS by Google operating system. This offers a range of pre-installed apps for outdoor activities. You can also download other compatible apps from the Google Play store. 4 GB of internal memory. Memory capacity allows you to install additional apps on the watch. 512 MB RAM. 512 MB of available RAM. Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11 b/g/n). The watch will automatically connect to a stored Wi-Fi network with the simple activation of Wi-Fi (for this function the watch must not be connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth®). Bluetooth® Smart. The special Bluetooth® technology for energy saving guarantees the exchange of low-consumption data by simply clicking on the appropriate button. Using Bluetooth®, you can connect the watch to your smartphone, thus accessing a number of useful functions you want. Super lighting. By pressing a button the dial is illuminated in a fashionable color. Smartphone time. Double LCD- (320 x 300). The watch is equipped with a double LCD display with stackable and independent elements. The black and white screen ensures an optimal level of readability even in low light conditions, while the color screen is able to perfectly render the graphic and colored values, while ensuring a clear view of the contents. Tactile screen. The convenient touchscreen allows you to quickly and easily set the numerous functions of the watch. Viewing sunrise and sunset. By indicating the geographical position, you can view the sunrise and sunset times for any date. Fishing Timer. To always know when they will bark: on the clock appears the symbol of a fish when it is the perfect time to fish. Barometer (260/1,100 hPa). A special sensor measures the atmospheric pressure (measuring range: 260/1,100 hPa) and displays it on the display as a symbol. It is thus possible to know in advance the trend of the weather. Digital compass. The built-in direction sensor detects magnetic north. Elevation measurement up to 10,000 m. A pressure sensor detects changes in atmospheric pressure and converts the data to an altitude of up to 10,000 m. Altimeter data memory. According to the model, up to 40 data relating to the quota can be saved in the watch's data memory, which can be recalled at any time. Each of the data is composed of a measured quota and the corresponding date and time. In addition to the individual dimensions, the maximum and minimum values ​​measured during a measurement are also saved. Indicator of the lunar phases. The moon phase indicator shows the current state of the moon in relation to the earth. Tide indicator. Once the location is set, the clock will display the low and high tide phases on the desired date. This function will be particularly useful to know the trend of the tides in advance. Gyroscope. Ideal for outdoor activities: the gyro sensor detects every slight change in direction, so as to always reach the desired destination. By recording even the smallest clock movements, the handy sensor supports optical image stabilization or display orientation. Acceleration sensor. The motion sensor reacts to acceleration by displaying the speed directly on the display. The sensor also supports the autorotation function of the watch, ensuring that the image is always oriented correctly. GPS function. Thanks to special satellites, the GPS clock always indicates the exact position. World time function. The world time function shows the time of up to 29 time zones. Daily alarm. The daily alarm remembers events that are repeated daily with an acoustic signal emitted at the preset time. Snooze function. Every time the alarm stops, it starts playing again after a few minutes. Vibrating alarm. The vibrating alarm remotely remembers important appointments without emitting a long, noisy acoustic signal. Airplane mode (offline mode). By pressing a button, the clock switches to offline mode. This allows you to disable the radio or GPS reception of the watch on the plane for the duration of the flight. Microphone. Sending voice commands has never been so easy: thanks to the practical microphone, in fact, web searches can be made simply by saying "OK Google". You no longer have to touch the display or put your hand to the smartphone: the activities can be managed via voice commands. Mineral glass. Mineral glass, sturdy and more resistant to scratches, protects the watch from unsightly damage. Resin case. Resin strap. The resin is of a synthetic type, an ideal material for straps thanks to its extreme strength and flexibility. Battery level indicator. The indicator shows the current charge level. Water resistance classification (5 bar). You can take a shower and a bath with this watch on the wrist: it is approved for waterproofing up to 5 bar (ISO 22810). Dimensions (A x W x D) 61.7mm x 57.7mm x 15.3mm. Weight approx. 90 g.